K4 Sport Ed

(1 hour program for children without parents)

AIM: To teach children attending 4yo kinder or pre-prep the basic skills of different sports, and to learn to enjoy participating and playing with other children whether they win or lose.

Lesson Format:

1. Free Play - time for the child to enjoy the equipment and/or toys with other children and to practice new found skills. Children often find this an opportunity to challenge themselves, develop social skills e.g. sharing, composing their own games in a supervised environment.


2. Climb - Climbing is important to enhance muscle tone, core strength and balance which are all essential to sporting activities. Challenges take place on ladders, slides, planks, beams, mini trampoline and bar. On selected pieces of equipment children may be asked to employ a skill of their own choice, adapt a skill or invent a new way to use that piece of equipment. Through these activities spatial and body awareness, motor planning, concepts, confidence and climbing safely will be enhanced.

3. Warm ups - To prevent injury it is important to warm up.
Activities will include:
  - cardio e.g. walking, jogging
  - gymnastic e.g. jumping jacks, knee lifts
  - stretching

4. Skills
  - Individual - skill acquisition
  - Partner - employing the skill with another child
  - Group - using the skills to participate as a team



5. Game Play
  - Rules
  - Adapted team game

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